Hydropressostatic Coffee Pot

The Total Control Integrated Coffee System , is finally enhanced bye the Hydrostatic Coffee Pot Module!

Fully compatible with the Self-controlled Coffee Grinder, through the  Standard Filler ISO22993, the Hydropressostatic Coffee Pot receives Grinded Coffee, and cook it at very high pressure and temperature! Through simple drop-to-drop mechanism, in a few hours (*) your coffee is ready!

The process is totally controlled by the computer system ArcSoft (Automatic Coffee Software); thanks to the CCL language (Coffee Command Language), you can easily choose the pressure cooking (from a minimum of 120 bar to a maximum of 190!); the system will automatically choose the cooking temperature.

Special offer: if you order now, this Module, weighing only 2 tons, will be delivered to your home for free!

(*) Technical data: speed of production, 1 cl / hour!