Universal Megaswitch

Work in a help desk and you're tired of repeating "the switch ... that button you need to turn off and on ..."? Your son always leaves the lights on and makes you squander huge amounts of money? Your colleague off the plug of your computer without following the shutdown procedure? The grandmother calls you desperate because he does not know to turn on the television?

No fear. From today there is the Universal Megaswitch. 20 meters high, 6 wide, weighs 12 tons. No one can say "The switch? What power switch?". The Universal Megaswitch CAN NOT CERTAINLY BE IGNORED. Anyone  will see IT... no excuses!

Thanks to the Electronics Interface Module, and the use of a standard 3.5 mm jack plug, the Universal Megaswitch can be applied to any electrical and electronic equipment. Shutdowns and turn on guaranteed, with Universal Megaswitch!