Radiocontrolled Cat Petter

Life makes you crazy? Commitments overlap? You do not have the time to stroke your cat?

No fear. From today our Radiocontrolled Cat Petter solves your problem!

Its use is very simple. Place the cat (1) onto the Cat Rest module (2). A sensor will detect the presence. The Robotic Arm (3) begins immediately his cat-stroke action!

By the very complete Programming Panel (4) and the exclusive language CCL (Cat Care Language), you can treat the details of every aspect of the operation.

And when you're away from home... no problems! Through Radio Control module (5) you can also activate the Radiocontrolled Cat Petter from office! All you need to do is to put the cat in the Cat Rest module, (2) fixing him with the appropriate straps (6), and your cat will receive the sought-after caresses when you planned.

In the package, included two Gloves in different tissues (7).

NB: the Radiocontrolled Cat Petter is only suitable to cats, do not use it with other animals!