Remote-controlled Nutella Spreader

Spreading Nutella on bread is not something that can be left to chance! With our Remote-controlled Nutella Spreader, this operation is accomplished thoroughly and scientifically!

Equipped with a Rechargeable tank of Nutella by 200KG (1), a special Robotic nozzle (2) distributes Nutella in predetermined, customizable doses. The rotating spreader (3) ensure its coating by means of a scientifically studied movement, that optimizes the layer of Nutella on the whole surface of the bread. The Pressurized oven (4) provides the hot air required to soften the Nutella, bringing it to the optimum temperature.

All the device is controlled through a dedicated simple remote control (5).

Do not waste anymore your Nutella ... stop with  Nutella sketches everywhere ... use our Remote-controlled Nutella Spreader!

PS: not usable with other surrogates chocolate ... use it only with Nutella (R) Original!