Automatic Pressure Kicker

You have to sack  an slacker employee and you not have the courage to do it? Is there someone who is particularly annoying  and would like to give him a good kick in the pants, but do not want to stoop to an act so rude? Or, you think you still have taken not enough kicks on your ass, and you can still do something to make the situation worse?

This fantastic Automatic Pressure Kicker will help you! This simple steam device, with electronic control, will do the job for you! Connect it to the Water Tank (100,000 liters, directly connected via the tube to the kicker), place it behind the victim or, if necessary, back to Yourself, and activate it. The kick, of varying intensity using  the appropriate Variator Drive, will come automatically.

Don't get your hands dirty... or feet... the Automatic Pressure Kicker will do it for you! In the package: 3 pairs of boots of different colors.

The Automatic Pressure Kicker won the GranCavolata prize of 2010! Do not lose it!